The PUGET SOUND PARTNERSHIP ( now, a state agency that just got $40MILLION of our tax dollars from Norm Dicks) is coming out in force to hammer home the taking of property from landowners in Jefferson County. Below is their call to arms for the city dwellers on the I-5 corridor and their talking points for them to hammer home on Tuesday night.

I have asked those inclined to show up and speak, or to offer a written comment for the record, to recognize that the talking points they plan to use would make a good outline for some early preemptive strikes. I’ve highlighted three of their talking points that are absolute lies.






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Dept. of Ecology (DOE) has announced the date and place for the hearing on Jefferson County’s locally approved Shoreline Master Program (SMP) update. This is the final step DOE needs to take to finalize the updated SMP that the citizens, the Planning Commission, and County Commissioners worked so diligently on for over four years to develop and approve.


However, our hard work is threatened to be derailed by vocal opponents who are against environmental safeguards for Jefferson County’s shorelines. Reports indicate that they plan to have their members in attendance and submit oral testimony. It is important to them that individuals be heard so that they can establish their standing in their legal challenge to the SMP as they pursue court action.


Now is the time! We need to support locally approved Jefferson County SMP. Join us and your neighbors at the public hearing:


When: Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Open House: 5:00 pm- Sign in, visit displays, ask questions, submit your written comments.

Public hearing: 7:00 pm – Provide verbal or written testimony.

Where: The Commons at Fort Worden State Park web site for directions.

Can’t attend the hearing?
Send written comments to Mr. Jeffree Stewart, Regional Planner for DOE.

Or click here to send Mr. Stewart a pre-written email.


Deadline for comments is May 11, 2010, 5:00 p.m.


Talking Points for your testimony at the public hearing or for your written comments are provided below. Please modify to fit your style of writing to make it personal. Letters do not have to be long. It is your name that counts. For questions or help, please feel free to contact me.

Please send an email to  Mr. Stewart today!


Thank you for your attention on this crucial issue. Again your input is essential.

Rein Attemann
Field Director
206-382-7007 x 173

Talking Points:


Overall support of SMP:


1) Citizen involvement and community outreach was outstanding.

2) Department of Community Development (DCD) provided multiple opportunities for involvement over a four year period, including several direct mailings to shoreline property owners.

3) Balanced to meet needs of both property owners and Puget Sound’s ecosystem

4) Used peer-reviewed science to support policies and decisions


Specific items we like:


1) 150 foot buffers which were supported by significant testimony at  all meetings and hearings, are supported in the current science as a compromise of buffer widths necessary to protect shoreline functions.

2) Provides for flexible buffer modification where modifications are appropriate (i.e., where there is no net loss to shoreline functions)

3) Clear language and policies make it easier for citizens to understand the SMP

4) Clear regulations provides land use consistency and improves property values

5) Prohibits commercial net pen farming

6) Minimizes the need for shoreline armoring by encouraging non-structural remedies


Special appreciations: 


1) Care that Board of County Commissioners took to analyze every piece of testimony and to incorporate their ideas, where appropriate

2) Involvement of shoreline owners on Policy Advisory Committee

3) Efforts of DCD staff to communicate with shoreline owners at all stages of the four and a half year process.




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From: John (Jack) R. Venrick []
Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2010 5:32 PM
To: Jim Boyer
Subject: Re: ALERT - Significant Property Rights Opportunity in Jefferson County Washington State (Olympic Peninsula)


Jim -


You had me very worried.  I was dreaming up all sorts of paranoia and conspiracy about why I had not heard back from you.  Thanks for restoring my "lack of faith".  We MUST get you in. 



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From: Jim Boyer

To: 'Jack Venrick'

Sent: Sunday, April 11, 2010 6:51 PM

Subject: RE: ALERT - Significant Property Rights Opportunity in Jefferson County Washington State (Olympic Peninsula)


Jack -


Talk about technology WOW! This message just popped up on my email dated exactly one month ago.  (I’ve been having some Outlook Express problems so don’t worry about your computer.)


I want to thank you for the wonderful support and humbling comments. Hopefully, something will come of your recommendation. We are working hard at this and continue to be positive about our chances.


Keeping the faith,




From: Jack Venrick []
Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2010 1:57 PM
To: Jim Boyer PropertyRights
Subject: Fw: ALERT - Significant Property Rights Opportunity in Jefferson County Washington State (Olympic Peninsula)
Importance: High


Jim -


I am on my wife laptop because my main computer has been in the shop for coming up to 3 weeks.


I do not have all of my recent email additions, e.g. Jefferson County, have just added you back in.  Hope this email below meets with your approval.  I sent out a check yesterday to you.





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From: Jack Venrick

Sent: Tuesday, March 09, 2010 10:34 AM

Subject: ALERT - Significant Property Rights Opportunity in Jefferson County Washington State (Olympic Peninsula)


To: Property Rights Groups, Evergreen Freedom Foundation, Legal Freedom Foundations, Friends



I am sending in my check are you?  This is our man.  He has rerouted his life for the cause of property rights and freedom.  There is no higher act a person can do than what Jim Boyer is doing for us all. 


The fascist green takings of our private and public property avalanche through all cities, counties and states silently with illegitimate funding from government and eastern green nongovernments often behind closed doors. 


Here is a rare chance to support someone who is putting himself on the green front line. 


Please support him with time and/or money and by forwarding his request for support to your distribution.




Jack Venrick

Enumclaw, Washington


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From: Jim Boyer

To: Jim Boyer

Sent: Tuesday, March 09, 2010 9:48 AM

Subject: Prop Rights opportunity


Friends -


As you may know the Jefferson County SMP has been sent to Ecology. Citizens from all over the peninsula and island counties are working hard to force Ecology into changing some of the elements that have been included and will diminish property rights. Our CAPR Chapter is also prepared to file a lawsuit if ecology adopts the draft.


There are several scenarios in play which might result in Ecology sending the draft back to the Jefferson Co Board of Commissioners. If my campaign to replace Commissioner John Austin is successful I will be a member of the board and have the opportunity to alter a conversation that will affect the entire state of Washington.


Our current commissioners think with one very liberal brain and that is part of the reason why Ecology chose this county as its test case. My addition to that board would give me the chance to alter the language being proposed and guarantee more citizens real weight in making sure the board and DCD Staff record and respond to all comments. (they are not currently doing this)


Because of this, I am asking for help from all citizens and organizations to promote my campaign and assist me in raising the money needed to compete with my opponent who is sponsored by teachers unions and environmental activists far and wide. Please forward my email and website link and ask your friends and members to take the time to make a contribution to this effort.


Thanks for your support,

Jim Boyer, Director CAPR-JeffCo



PS - I am sorry for the inconvenience of asking folks to use the mail to send a contribution. I am working on setting up credit card capabilities, but resources are low and other expenses are adding up.





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