I have never been so proud of our property owners as I was last night.  76 folks spoke.  76% opposed the changes.  4% were generic comments.  Only 20% mentioned anything positive. There had to be well over 200 folks there. 


Did anyone see a reporter last night?  I called both the Leader and PDN today and neither could confirm that they had someone there.  Am I the only one that finds that strange?


We owe a great deal to those that put so much time and effort into the event.  We should all thank the Good Lord for Teren Macleod and Joe D’Amico.  Joe is posting several of the comments on JEFFCO 101.  He invests many hours to post these comments on the web site and somehow manages to run a successful business.  He does this by himself. Teren and her gang down at JCAR sent thousands of postcards to shoreline property owners and were the major contributor responsible for the whopping turnout.


I think the county officials heard us loud and clear.


Please send your comments to our attorney, Paul Hirsh at pjh@hirschlawoffice.com.



Larry Carter USN, EMCM (Ret.)


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