John (Jack) R. Venrick  

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Hello Jack,  

I am writing in response to your explanation of the message thread calling Jefferson County Michelle McConnell on the carpet. Thank you for your involvement and the following comments.

This battle over private property rights is much bigger than many people realize.  

I first met Ron Ewart at a small gathering in Spanaway about 5 years ago. I was intrigued by his intelligent understanding of the political side of the environmental agenda.

Because I was a recent transplant from California where I had undergone a long battle over property development near the coast I took his words to heart and became involved in a stronger way immediately. I began the CAPR Chapter in Jefferson County, which I think may have been the first chapter in the growing family of CAPR.    

Because I make my living building or remodeling spec projects I am very familiar with the local DCD, how they operate and how they think. That experience over 7 years in WA and the coming
hammer of SMP and CAO regulations brought me to the point of running of office this year to replace one of our most liberal county commissioners.  

I am attaching a recent candidate questionnaire I completed for the CAPR Board that reflects our similar views of what we are up against. I have pledged that if elected the DCD and itís internal politics will be one of my targets for correction or decommissioning. I hope you will share my candidacy with the many people you know who are willing to stand up for our constitutional rights to own and enjoy property.   My incumbent opponent has already received almost $20,000 from the democrat party and environmental activists up and down the state. They see rural Jefferson County as a battleground for setting policies that can be used as precedents in applying draconian rules elsewhere.  


Jim Boyer