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How Many Cases in Jefferson County Have Been Affected by Hidden Records...

Why do we as taxpayers want to reward Jefferson County with a sales tax increase when some of our elected officials are acting outside the law?


Is Jefferson County's Conspiracy Against SSNW Starting to Unravel...

First, it was about noise...but Jefferson County didn't have a noise ordinance. Then is was about building permits...but Jefferson County never wrote a single report or conducted a single investigation (only press releases). Then there was ex-parte communications between the Prosecutors office and the Hearing Examiner (Irv Berteig) SSNW has discovered violations of the open public records law, which has effected all of our previous hearings and matters before the courts. Will this cost all the taxpayers in Jefferson County and consequently force matters to be reheard and or have new rounds of discovery at the county's expense? Stay tuned.


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October 11, 2010, Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners - Public Comment (click on link below)

Jeanette Richoux - Biomass

Joe D'Amico - Hidden Records at Jefferson County

Greg Overstreet - Joe D'Amico's Attorney

Dennis Schultz - Jefferson County Train Wreck

Larry Carter - Joe D'Amico

Jim Fritz - Financial Collapse

Craig Durgan - Land Use

Roger Short - Sales Tax

Gretchen Brewer - Biomass

Tom Thiersch - Joe D'Amico - Video of the Week!


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          October 18, 2010, 0900 hrs, Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) Meeting;


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            - Commissioners Briefing       (time and duration indeterminate);

            - Regular Agenda                    (time and duration indeterminate);

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1330   - County Administrator Briefing (duration indeterminate).



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