This is an example of how fast they work and how widespread their efforts are. It is no secret that we are suing over the SMP so, while we spend time and money fighting the imposition of that regulatory mess, they are working on a new front to simply deny land use under the guise of protecting us from our own misguided dreams.


I don’t think we can beat these people with science and I don’t think we can expose their real agenda because of the “soft speak” they use to take over. What they “say” they are doing and what they want to do are entirely different.  Yesterday, Al Scalf actually grinned at us when he said, “You’re gonna pay for consultants and engineers and then you’re gonna pay us too!”  



It is obvious that JeffCo/PT are working right out of the ICLEI playbook:


While they are taking over the regulating and managing of all our land and resources – especially water. They are also focusing on energy and hiring a special consultant to “conserve” resources. I can imagine what type of resume they are looking for in the Resource Conservation Manager.





Education and Outreach

Human Network

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Educating community members about climate change and other environmental concerns to a point where it results in behavior change, can be challenging. Although, when awareness of environmental issues is raised via targeted and well-publicized efforts, the experience gained by the local government can inform and inspire individual action, leading to substantial community-wide reductions in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Campaigns that rely solely on providing information rarely have the ability to change people’s behavior. Instead, a successful outreach campaign will focus on understanding not only which actions support the behavior you are trying to promote, but also on the specific factors that influence people to take those actions. Research has identified a set of tools to promote behavior change: obtaining commitments, using prompts, utilizing social norms, designing effective communications, providing incentives, and removing external barriers. Not all tools need to be utilized in any one campaign, but note that they are most effective when used in combination with each other.


This from the 10,000 Years Institute

10,000 Years Institute - scientific research for natural resource management from Seattle, WA to Lake Baikal, Russia.


10,000 Years Institute - scientific research for natural resource management from Seattle, WA to Lake Baikal, Russia.

Senior Staff

Jill Silver, Executive Director, Watershed Program Manager

Ms. Silver is an ecologist with project experience in natural resources planning, watershed analysis, habitat restoration, and development of watershed-scale conservation programs. Ms. Silver's academic training is in riverine and wetland ecology, geomorphology, and community planning. Jill assists communities in shaping regulatory priorities and advocating for sustainable land management practices that protect ecosystem services and provide net environmental benefits. Her experience includes development of natural resources management programs and applied research relative to forested watershed ecosystems. She has worked extensively on the west Olympic Peninsula of Washington State in the Hoh River watershed where she coordinates multi-disciplinary teams to address the complex issues of sustainable resource management, including forestry, mining, and rural development, She has led regulatory and educational forums addressing habitat protection in forested wetlands, old forest and riparian ecosystems, and channel migration zones; successfully interacting with a diverse group of resource and regulatory professionals.


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From: Jim Boyer []
Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2010 7:44 AM
To: 'Jim Hagen'; 'Larry Carter'; 'Craig Durgan'
Subject: FW: Land Use Death Panel Approved


We have to do something about this. But, I have no idea where to start…



From: Allen Frank []
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 9:24 PM
To: 'Jim Boyer'
Subject: RE: Land Use Death Panel Approved



Sam Gibboney was part of the City of PT “Phantom Staff” aka consultants that never went away.

She was one of the folks sucking the Stormwater Fund dry…..doing things like Froggy Bottoms which is a stormwater collection pond.

She was an anti-growth obstruction specializing in finding “wetlands” where no one else could.

Where did the Grant come from??  State??

Payoff to the 1000 Friends or whatever they are known as today??

Bob knows about Sam Gibboney too




From: Jim Boyer []
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 6:02 PM
To: Jim Boyer
Subject: Land Use Death Panel Approved
Importance: High


Jefferson County: March 24, 2010


Environmental activists Jill Silver and Sam GIbboney have received $500,000 in grant funding to open the “Watershed Stewardship and Resource Center.

This will become a part of Al Scalf’s Jefferson County Department of Community Development.


Within its authority the WSRC will conduct “comprehensive site and ecosystem evaluations”. Once the environmentalists ‘visit’ an applicant’s private property, they will begin building a file detailing their concerns about watershed, wetlands, protected species, native vegetation, slope hazards, trees, habitats, geology, archeology, water availability, environmental sensitivity, eco-function disturbance, environmental degradation, climate change and more.


If you know someone who plans to build a home, a barn, a workshop, and ADU, a garage or any other structure in Jefferson County and they have not begun the permit process now they had better get busy. Soon they will be paying tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure a permit, or maybe just declare their property worthless. The permitting gauntlet is about to get multiplied ten fold in strength and adversarial tactics.


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