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Subject:                          Jefferson County, Watershed Center grant worth $800,646.


If you think we need another layer of bureaucracy delete.
If not  Copy & Paste  into your email--sign by typing your name and address and it send it on to Mr. Parkin
Get 12 stamps and mail  your Representatives.

Would'nt you like to know what the United States Environmental Protection Agency, means by“The Environmental Justice Action Plan” ?
Tell them stop funding unless it's for the helpless -BUT --the clueless are on their own!

Mr. Richard Parkin, Acting Director

Office of Ecosystems

United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10

1200 Sixth Avenue, Suite 900

Seattle, WA 98101-31140



Jefferson County, Washington Watershed Center grant worth $800,646.

The Project Title document is "Citizens who are ready to apply for permits can directly make their submittals or to seek additional customer services at the resource center." This seems to conflict with director of DCD director Al Scalf's assurances that the Resource center would not be evaluating permits. What is it for then? Does your agency have extra tax dollars to spread around? What role do the funding partners play (if private) with an organization funded by taxpayers? DCD and WSRS are not only creating regulatory excesses but also would be guilty of gross financial negligence and extravagance.

 It is incredible to me that Jill Silver, who has no training or expertise in these issues and little, if any, legitimacy with rural property owners would be involved in this effort at all.  As a mater of fact her idea to kill unwanted plants along the wild and pristine Hoh River filled with wild salmon is to poison them. To the outrage of local landowners she left her poison in their well house. She is an amateur trying to carve out a living under the guise of environmentalism. Stewardship is facilitated when hearts and minds are open. Before there can be love for the land there must be love in the heart.  Silver has consistently promoted strict prescriptive onerous regulation as a necessity against “irresponsible and greedy private landowners,” “the land does not belong to you”. These were her public comments in a room with about 300 local landowners.  Her paternalistic attitude turns off rural landowners who otherwise would be open to respectful overtures for stewardship from the Conservation District. If we are going to have something like this happen in Jefferson County, why not in the Conservation District instead of the Ten Thousand Years Institute (Jill Silver).

The WSRC stated purpose is "to guide property owners and developers in applying sustainable development practices." We are a county of 28,000 people 10,000 of them live in the city of Port Townsend and 3000 in a Master Plan Resort of Port Ludlow. On the table is a new UGA in the TriArea with approximately 2500 people. That leaves about 12,500 men, women and children living on rural land most of whom will not be planning to build anything. According Jefferson County Land Use Map we do not have a land mass available for any housing or large industrial development. So please before you throw tax dollars at us educate yourself to where they are going.

 The project title boasts of "facilitating more positive relationships between regulators and citizens, reducing costs for both."  How exactly does it do that with an extremist environmental activist in charge plus increase in tax dollars and forming another layer of government?

Jefferson County’s land mass is approximately 2000 sq. miles. 
Ninety eight percent (98%) of Jefferson County is National Park, National Forest, State Parks, DNR and County Parks and lots of un-buildable critical areas. Add to that resource land and acres of Land Trust land and what do you have left to spend this taxpayer boondoggle on? How about just a few acres! To have taxpayers pay for another layer of planning is insanity no matter how sweet the sound such as, sit down and have a coffee and chat with Jill.

The best existing home for an assistance center is the Conservation District (CD).  This is based on local support and local understanding that the Conservation District has an excellent track record at implementation and conservation planning. Al Latham is one of the most esteemed and highly regarded CD directors in the Northwest. Also, CD is not a regulatory agency so would have trust of landowners.

Are you aware that every person has access when applying for a permit to a Jefferson County Stewardship Plan written by the esteemed international wetland scientist Dr Kenn Brooks? 

Locally, everyone knows that there is no other government entity with anything like the Conservation District’s ability to stretch every penny.

Jefferson County does not have an identified problem with the environment.

Why would Jefferson County with 98% park land possibly need a social marketing program?

Pay off our nation’s debt before inventing unnecessary and new programs.


Please explain what exactly is “The Environmental Justice Action Plan” that appears on your web site. Will the environment come under the US justice system?


Robert and E. Sokol

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