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Subject: The Next Man Made Tide and Upcoming Winter High Tides: A Preview of Future Sea Level Rise


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This has got to be the most pathetic green pandering government mythology I have ever read, i.e.


"This is a good reminder that our shorelines are dynamic natural systems affected by human activities." 




Michelle, you might start educating yourself outside of your green box.  The earth is moving all the time, that does not make it man's or government's duty to change the natural expansion and contraction of earth.  You cannot regulate nature nor man nor is their any founding or fundamental laws which give you the authority or jurisdiction to do so. 




Extract from Ghost Story by Jim Lichatowich


"The salmon do have important advice to offer, if only we will seek it out. The first step is to recognize that they are far more experienced at the work of restoration than we are. In fact, the salmon have been restoring themselves for over 15 million years. It is only our arrogance and the deep-seated belief in human separation and control over nature that leads us to believe we can restore the salmon without being attentive to the lessons these magnificent fish can offer. Our failure to pay attention to the salmon and to learn from them has led us to hatcheries and smolt barges as a substitute for healthy rivers. It has led us to conclude that the amount of money spent is the most important measures of progress towards salmon restoration. It has led us to ignore the important lessons the salmon have to teach us. And the richest source of those lessons can be found among the ghosts of salmon."   

Extracts from Salmon Without Rivers" by Jim Lichatowich

Point 1 - "As we have seen, many natural factors harming Columbia Basin salmon populations have been on the rise since the 1970s. More generally, looking over periods from 10,000 to 100,000 years, the populations of many marine animals exhibit huge fluctuations. Examples include Dungeness crabs, Maine lobsters, Pacific anchovy, and many other species.


Point 2 - "Fundamentally, the salmon's decline has been the consequence of a vision based on flawed assumptions and unchallenged myths.... We assumed we could control the biological productivity of salmon and 'improve' upon natural processes that we didn't even try to understand."


Point 3 - "As a general matter, the popular conception of a “balance of nature” is misleading. Modern science is moving toward what Gregg Easterbrook has called “the action-packed balance of nature”: at any given time, forces are at work disturbing any particular trend toward equilibrium. From this perspective, efforts to avoid any and all extinctions make no sense."


Point 4 - "Nature would laugh at the idea that a salmon population at any moment is perfectly optimized for the natural conditions at that moment, so that its genetic purity must be preserved at all costs. Species that exist now are survivors of all kinds of catastrophic changes in the environment, and may only loosely fit conditions at the moment. They have many, many genes whose purpose only becomes apparent as conditions change."




Then you might browse through the rest of the site and come to understand man has little impact on the environment.  Man is insignificant to the environment, the weather, the solar energy, the energy in fossil and nuclear fuel, the impact on species, et al.   Over 90% of the species are gone naturally.  The sun controls the climate, not man.  You have been completely conned into believing propaganda created especially to expand big government via the takings of property by the government and the globalist who control this country.


Man "caused" global warming contribution is essentially zero, i.e. .117%, i.e. .00117 of all CO2 in the atmosphere.  You can catch up on the facts here  


Also, there is no such product as "alternative energy", it is another green created hoax.  Green energy is not cost effective, i.e. it has no return on investment or internal rate of return, nor will it ever.  Investors would not throw in a dime into green "energy except for the government grants and bribes.  The only form of cost effective energy is fossil fuel and nuclear currently.  No green energy could come close to delivering the mega watts of commercial power required to drive a first world economy.  The eastern green extreme have already shut down one of our only non fossil fuel choices for commercial power, i.e. nuclear power.  The break even return on investment to construct a nuclear power plant is at least 20 years now.  Few are willingly to invest in such long return periods.


You have been conned into believing a lie fabricated by the green global government and its state propaganda training centers and the state controlled media who are all hell bent on taking our private and public property, our wages, our family business and our God given birth rights.  Even if the lie were true you cannot touch anyones private property for any reason, nor can you limit their use of their own public property. 


This is called Agenda 21, aka Sustaining Development, aka Growth Management, aka the stampeding of the rural people into the urban areas for political revenue and power.  Your job and pay is all based on the extortion of taking private property by force to deceive others into doing what they do not need nor want to do.


I have spent 5 years researching the preditory taking of private and public property by government and their parasitic non government alliances.  American government has been taken down long ago and it is in receivership controlled by the central banks, brokerages and globalist and their mainstream media who are systematically taking over our country, our property, our traditions and our children with lies.


You are a classic product of this taking.  You don't have clue until you look outside of the box you have been put into by your employer.








They are manipulating the urban and rural densities based on a lie that we don't have enough land to live on.






The energy from the sun controls us NOT man






What they are doing Michelle is cooking all the books to create an artificial market for their corrupt municipal agenda.  Everything you are being told and you know is true is a lie and everything you know is a lie is true.  The government and all their symbiotic and parasitic associations are making hay out of our private and public property, tradtions and children and selling it for their profit while charging us illegitimate taxes and throwing us in jail and prison for resisting.


It took me 5 years to turn myself around on all of this and that was no small task.  The rural and many of the urban property owners now are waking up to the biggest con game in history. 


These corrupt green government cereal departments and agencies could not exist in the real world because they do not produce a viable service or product.  Hillsdale College is the ONLY non government free market private college, all the rest teach what they are told too by the green government globalists.  Governments services are NOT cost effective and cannot be sold in the free market, i.e. there is no value to it.  Government produces nothing and is only a drag on the freedom and liberities of the sovereign and free natural born state Citizens.


The green con game called "critical areas" is another lie and myth created by the green government to keep themselves employed because they cannot find work on the outside.  Their careers depend on illusions which must be sold to the public.  The corporate state controlled media (now 5 coprorations) and the state controlled indoctrination centers happily comply with the appropriate funding and grants.  The only areas critical in America are attached above, i.e. our birthrights.


Spend some time on this page also, especially the article by Tom DeWeese "The Wrenching Transformation of America"


We have no government, it has long been bankrupted and taken over by central banking cartels who use it as a massive laundering system to convert speculative debt and wars into value extracted from the private and public property and wages of the common American natural born. 


To spend your time telling us about the grass and shorelines and giving us horoscopes on the tides while the state is stealing our private and public property, wages, traditions using progressive commercial legal fiction which does not thread to any founding or fundamental laws, is indeed "A Preview of Future Tides".  But these tides to come, will be man made as we enter into American Revolution II.




Jack Venrick





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Subject: SMP: Upcoming Winter High Tides: A Preview of Future Sea Level Rise


Greetings All,


Keep an eye out early next week for the high tides expected to occur.  Take photos and send them to state researchers – and to us here at DCD – if you like! 


See the WA Dept. of Ecology notice pasted below – lots of web links and amazing photos.  This is a good reminder that our shorelines are dynamic natural systems affected by human activities.


Best wishes to our waterfront property owners – hope they fare well through this event.


Stay safe & dry,



PS:  Wondering if/how the new SMP might address climate change and sea level rise?  Check out these provisions of the Locally Approved SMP:

·         Programmatic goal at Article 3.7.B.10 on page 3-5;

·         General regulation at Article 6.6.A.2 on page 6-23;

·         Standard buffer of 150’ for new development/redevelopment – Article 6.1.D.6 ; and

·         Vegetation management standards to help protect bank stability – Article 6.4


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Michelle McConnell, Associate Planner - LRP Lead

Jefferson County Department of Community Development


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Subject: Climate Updates

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Upcoming Winter High Tides: A Preview of Future Sea Level Rise

Seasonal high tides occurring throughout the region early next week will provide a preview of what the state might expect to see on a more regular basis as a result of rising sea levels.


The region experienced seasonal high tides in early January.  At that time, we asked you to take photos and send them in to us.  We got some great shots and a few are represented here:  Thank you to all of you who responded!


Now we have another opportunity to document these seasonal high tides. Those of you who happen to photograph the high tide events February 1 - 3 are invited to submit your images to the Washington State Department of Ecology. We are interested in using these images to help document the coastal impacts our state is likely to face with increasing frequency as sea levels continue to rise.


Images can be submitted via email to ‘’ – along with the date, time, and detailed location information. Please provide contact information if you'd like us to send you a release form for future publication of your photos.  For more information, visit the Washington Department of Ecology blog:

Washington Department of Ecology Climate Change Web site:

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