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From: Jack Venrick
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Subject: Fw: 100 Delusional Gates Blocking Honest Freedom & Liberty

To:  Property Rights Groups, Freedom Foundations, Washington House and Senate, Supreme Court, Governors Office, US Reps and Senators, King County Ag and King County Council, AWC, Media Puget Sound, Coast To Coast AM, Friends

Name your government gate and I will show you a corral erected over centuries to lock the natural born out & lock the green (environmental, monetary & financial, ad nausea) extreme in to a never ending spiral of taking of God's gift to men, women and children, i.e. free will.  Here are the first hundred to come to mind.
  1. Constitutional Conventions were NOT approved by the people & their legislature Gate
  2. The U.S. Constitution was also NOT approved by the people and their legislature Gate
  3. The Civil War was NOT necessary to free the slaves and MORE about northern politics shutting out southern competing trade 
  4. WWI was orchestrated for profit and power gate
  5. WW II was a continuation of WWI, i.e. more about political incompetence at Versailles gate
  6. Pearl Harbor, was it a surprise attack gate? 
  7. Watergate
  8. State education is not necessary and not constitutional gate
  9. Individual unalienable rights are out and collective rights are in gate
  10. Ltd. gvt. w/ legitimate uniform indirect taxes, custom duties,  sale/lease of gvt. natural resources & value base currency is enough gate
  11. The UN and the One World Government elite's will directly affect you gate
  12. Oklahoma City federal building bombing was caused by only two extremists gate
  13. 9-11-09 world trade center was definitely brought down by foreign terrorists flying commercial jets gate
  14. Man + government + nongovernment special interest can "change" the weather Climategate
  15. "Alternative energy" is NOT cost effective gate
  16. Fossil and nuclear fuel are the ONLY cost viable options we have now despite the green lies gate
  17. "Sustainable development" is sustainable death to the rural and urban areas gate
  18. "Critical areas" ordinance are NOT "critical" and are legal fiction semantic swindle of private and  public property gate
  19. American "elections" are multiple choices where you decide the "choices" they give you gate
  20. The IRS is not legitimate, nor ever approved nor can they produce the law for the current tax on wages gate
  21. Direct and indirect taxes upon private property & wages is supported by founding intentions, fundamental laws & God gate
  22. Withholding wages is legitimate gate
  23. Fiat worthless monetary debt is necessary & legitimate to be free nation gate 
  24. UnFederal unReserve Act was constitutional gate
  25. Gold & silver redeemable currency is not necessary in a Constitutional Republic gate
  26. The worthless debt based US not redeemable in value dollar can be forced on everyone gate
  27. Banks can charge usurious interest on freely printed worthless currency gate 
  28. 14th Amendment was never legitimately ratified gate
  29. 16th Amendment was never legitimately ratified gate
  30. 17th Amendment never legitimately ratified gate
  31. Artificial public and private corporations have plenary power to eminent domain gate
  32. Allodial title taking gate
  33. corrupted jury of your peers gate
  34. militia taking gate
  35. 2nd Amendment taking gate
  36. corporate state media gate
  37. con..gressional corruption gate
  38. CONgressional brokers can pass anything they want by majority gate
  39. COurts majority decisions represent the law of the land gate
  40. Government Executive orders represent the law of the land gate 
  41. ESA gate
  42. DOT gate
  43. DOE gate
  44. EPA gate
  45. USFW gate
  46. USFS gate
  47. DSHS gate
  48. Homeland Security Act protects you gate
  49. Rails to Trails Act did not take your private and public property by tyranny gate
  50. Cities can take property for profit gate
  51. Counties can take property for profit gate
  52. States can take property for profit gate
  53. Fed can take property for profit and power gate
  54. Elected, unelected citizens & noncitizen's have plenary power over your property, water, minerals with or without your consent gate
  55. Central banks and all banks can foreclose on your property within the founding and fundamental laws of the land gate 
  56. Ticketing the natural born & their property for legal fiction code is supported by founding & fundamental laws gate
  57. Permitting the natural born & their property is necessary and supported by  founding & fundamental laws gate
  58. Regulating the natural born & their property is necessary and legitimate to control them gate
  59. Zoning the natural born free and sovereign Americans is necessary and legitimate in a Constitutional Republic gate
  60. Licensing & plating private non commercial natural born drivers is necessary and legitimate gate
  61. Ticketing natural born drivers using legal fiction commercial codes is necessary and legitimate gate
  62. Recycling is "cost effective" gate
  63. American natural born Citizens must be taxed, regulated, licensed, permitted, ticketed but are sovereign and free never-the-less gate
  64. Ruby Ridge Idaho gate
  65. Waco Texas Branch Davidian Church gate
  66. Attorney General office is constitutional gate
  67. US Attorney office is constitutional gate
  68. America has a government with separation of powers gate
  69. The states are sovereign and independent gate
  70. Political parties allowing no choice gate
  71. "Majorities" can legitimately tell you what to do with your property and body gate
  72. Democracy is the same as a Constitutional Republic gate
  73. The jurisdiction & authority of the fed exceeds 10 square miles from DC Inc., military bases,ammo dumps and territories gate
  74. The jurisdiction & authority of U.S. CONgress exceed its own public municipal corporation boundaries gate
  75. The jurisdiction & authority of the U.S. Constitution exceeds federal and state government employees gate
  76. The jurisdiction & authority of the 50 states Congress exceeds its state property and employees gate
  77. The jurisdiction & authority of the 3141 municipal county corporations exceed county land ONLY and its employees gate
  78. The jurisdiction & authority of American municipal corporation cities exceed its own public property and employees gate
  79. The jurisdiction & authority of tax exempt foundations exceed its property & employees purchased only with nonpublic funding gate
  80. government, public & nongovernment groups have rights and the natural born is given privileges gate
  81. What you keep or is taxed in a Constitutional Republic is based on majority decisions gate
  82. The CO..urts decide the law gate
  83. There is a self correcting due process gate
  84. America is bringing freedom to the world by occupying it gate
  85. I make free choices when I vote gate
  86. I am represented whether I win or loose gate
  87. My unalienable birth rights are relative and second to the collective gate
  88. The Constitution,  Bill of Rights & the Declaration of Independence are charters determining MY rights gate
  89. The 2nd Amendment does not give me the right to own a 50 caliber machine gun gate
  90. The oath of office, impeachment and reelection process stops corruption gate
  91. America is not bankrupt nor was it ever gate
  92. The anti Federalist (those against the centralization of power in a  union of states) warnings never came true gate
  93. Associations of artificial groups such as cities, counties, medical, legal, etc. can war against your rights gate
  94. A Constitutional Republic may change its core founding and fundamental laws with the necessary vote gate
  95. 535 "elected" citizens or non citizens can represent the free will of the natural born sovereign state Citizens
  96. The errors in the  registered voters data bases have little impact on election results gate
  97. The judges and courts decide and interpret the law not the juries gate
  98. Systems based on debt and tyranny ultimately win over systems based on love, faith and value gate
  99. A free market based on capitalism will not ultimately NOT shark out all competition and monopolize all power, freedom & liberty
  100. Any government untethered will ultimately NOT shark out the free market and monopolize all power, freedom & liberty
These gates are invisible to most people until your ox is GORED, pun intended.  Once gored, property owners bleed to death in this life time, sometimes over many generations trying to survive the unnecessary and unthinkable takings of their private and public property, family business, traditional way of life, privacy,  sovereignty, independence and even their divinity. 
Nothing supports these gates, but ignorance, arrogance, jealously, apathy, tyranny & greed.  There are no founding or fundamental laws of the land or Laws of Nature and Nature's God that approve of these takings.
The entire government and colluding nongovernment system of taking property is beyond the vast majority of American's ability to imagine.  The system is so perverted it cannot be described or fathomed by most. 
Natural born Americans, who were envied world wide were given everything by divine intervention, e.g. allodial title, sovereignty and supreme standing via a Constitutional Republic combined with divine unalienable rights.  Over time and more quickly than you can imagine, we have allowed ourselves to be mutated down to not even recognizing, we have been herded into a prison ship. 
This ship of state is run by a ship of arrogant tyrant fools who have gated our freedoms into a million corrals for their benefit, whereby they have divided US into a slaughter yard with long queues of property owners waiting to be taken, tortured and killed.   
See the latest incoming from other private property owners and the freedom movement here on Climategate USA - https://www.freedomforallseasons.org/FreedomFromManCausedGlobalWarmingMyths.asp 
Also check out significant other gates they have set up and stampeded you into their slaughter houses for profit & power.
Here's one plan to get out of this mess https://www.americanpolicy.org/more/goooh.htm
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, Washington
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Subject: [ BREAKING V I D E O ] - Al Gore confronted on Climategate in Chicago

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Al Gore confronted on Climategate in Chicago - 

WACC | CHICAGO IL - On Tuesday, November 24th 2009, We Are Change Chicago attended a book signing with former vice president Al Gore, at the Borders Bookstore on 150 N. State Street.

The previous Thursday, news had begun to circulate that hacked documents and communications from the University of East Anglia's Hadley Climate Research Unit (CRU) had been published to the internet. The information revealed how top scientists conspired to falsify data in the face of declining global temperatures in order to prop up the premise that man-made factors are driving climate change. Please review ClimateGate for Dummies.

To ensure the public that the media and Al Gore are aware of the facts that prove global warming to be a hoax, patriots from WAC Chicago marched to the book signing. Scattered throughout a crowd of a few hundred were members of WAC Chicago ready to ask Al Gore what he thought about 'ClimateGate.'
Click the link to watch the Confrontation video:
Click the link to meet the We Are Change Chicago Group on RTR: https://restoretherepublic.net/group/551/
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