Recap of email threads 9/21/10
The Agenda 21 system of using NGO's includes providing funding for groups that will further "social change" as defined by the "progressive agenda" and "environmentalism".  These groups LOVE to bring in good freedom loving, conservative organizations for two reasons.  One is to co-opt the agenda and the reason is to legitimize their mostly radical ideas.

It would be interesting to apply for their grants but READ THE FINE PRINT carefully.
Any time money is involved you may be obligated to jump through their hoops.

These are some things to beware of when getting money form organizations that are designed to promote a specific "social agenda" 

1   Strings attached to the money that may not agree with your values and goals

2   There are pros and cons to being the only conservative name on a list of grantees

3   Hopefully they will not request a lot of info about CAPR that could reveal strategies
of "our side", especially if they do not grant you the funds after they hear your plans.
Sharon Hanek