Jeffco BOCC
P.O. Box 1220
Port Townsend,
WA 98368

Dear Sirs

21 June 06

Six years ago my wife and I sat in Al Scalf's office, a meeting in
to having had our riverfront building permit mishandled which lead to
excessive costs. Al admitted that we were victims of extortion - his
of words. We decided not to litigate, and Al helped us to resolve the

Because our family partnership Horizon Holdings owns 5 properties in
Jefferson County, we have made considerable effort to keep abreast of
changing views on Critical Areas. We were absolutely shocked at the
CAO in
King County, which forces a huge burden on property owners without any
compensation, and believed that this would be held as a model for
counties by green NGOs. In my view this is unconstitutional because:

"No private property shall be taken or damaged for
public or private use without just compensation having
first been made.."
Article 1 Section 16, WA State Constitution

"...nor shall private property be taken for public use
without just compensation."
Amendment V, Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution

".. nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or
without due process of law;....."
Amendment XIV, The U.S. Constitution

In his January news release, Al Scalf acknowledged secret
negotiations with


I did not find this information until Mar 20, and most affected
people knew
nothing at all. All five of our properties are affected by this
negotiation, which was done without public involvement. I do not know
instructed Al Scalf to engage in this negotiation, but I understand
that it
was an effort to avoid litigation by the WEC against the County. Let
inform you that you, our elected representatives, should make sure
County staff are not put in a position where they (or the ones that
instructed them) could be charged with Conspiracy (and I thought
was bad). Conspiracy to deprive others of valuable assets is a Federal
crime, which could lead to charges under RICO:

Yes, I am stating that my view of WEC and Futurewise is that they are
corrupt organizations determined to overturn our democratic local
government processes and RULE US BY THREAT OF LITIGATION.

As to the matter of Best Available Science, we have had a gut full,
as you
saw Monday morning, of unfunded State mandated GMA process. If these
think it is so important let them PAY FOR IT. They have saddled us
huge expenses, bankrupting many Counties, and I demand more than that
my $3300 of taxes paid to Jeffco each year. I am a scientist, a
in fact, and I believe that volunteer organizations like Olympic Water
Users and the Farm Bureau can provide better BAS than the State. We
seen the State DOE parade in here presenting BAS that would mean
taking our
access to water away -- why the hell should we trust anything coming
the State???? To me, as an objectivist, the State promoted BAS looks
a religion - wrapped carefully in scientific terminology -- and you
take that to the bank!

We need to work together on the BAS issue, and 90 days is NOT ENOUGH
The BOCC and Al Scalf and his staff chose to conceal their
negotiations and
subsequent regulatory work from us for five months, and it will take
that or maybe a year for this process to now recover to something that
complies with the County, State and Federal CONSTITUTIONS.

Ken Shock

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