To Serve the Peoples of Earth!
by Walter Burien

From:     "Brian"
Subject:   Re: Fwd: interesting state of affairs
Date: Thu, June 25, 2009 5:36 am


Is this ignorance, arrogance, or corruption? Why is it so hard for these government bureaucrats to understand?

Answer these questions and we might be closer to a solution.


From:  "Walter Burien" <>
Subject:  Re: Fwd: interesting state of affairs
Date:  Thu, June 25, 2009 9:42 am
To:  "Brian"


There is only one answer to that question: "Due to the money involved, with the power, corruption, and control it breeds. Nothing more, and nothing less."

Ask a drug dealer from the outside why do you deal drugs? and he will say: "Drugs, I don't deal drugs!"

Ask a rapist why do you rape? and he will say: "Rape, I don't rape, why did someone get raped?"

An outsider who asks a bank robber why do you rob banks? and he will say: "I don't know what you are talking about, my job is...."

Ask an impostor (usually an attorney) in government looting the public treasury why he works for the government and he will say: "
To serve the American public of course!"

*** That last reply reminds me of an old Outer Limits TV show episode where an alien with great technologies and unlimited resources came to earth saying: "We have come to serve the people of earth and wished to bring them back to our planet just to serve them in any way they can be served, who wants to come with us?" The alien had their honored book with chapter after chapter written on just how to serve the peoples of Earth. The title of the book was transcribed to English which said "To Serve The Peoples of EARTH" with the rest of the book in the alien language. The aliens took the book with them to show all everywhere they went.

Well all the people of the globe started lining up to go to the new world to be served in so many ways as implied by the aliens." Just right before the space ship that held hundreds of thousands was about to take off, a linguist who had just deciphered the alien  language and read the rest of their book ran up to the ship whose doors were just closing with the last people young and old to enter walking through the door. He screamed frantically: "Don't Go! Don't Go!! Their book, it is a cook book! Don't go!!  To late, the doors closed and the ship took off to the alien world to serve the peoples of Earth.

Hundreds of millions of people have been getting on this ship we call government and they better quickly determine the meaning of "serve" so that they can qualify what appears to be the end result of where this trip of "Government Service" is taking them.. to a better future, or a totalitarian control state where they are and have become only food to be served to and for the government controllers....

There are many people and organized associations operating from within the halls of government and I will tell you clearly and with certainty that many have a very different and distinct meaning of the word "serve" or "serving" the American people that is behind the true intent of their involvement..

LAST QUESTION: Shall the Peoples of the Earth serve their government or should the government serve the Peoples of the Earth, or should we all just serve each other?

The creator's intent was to live long, live well, and to prosper....  The TRF Serves all..

Truly yours,

Walter -

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