Hi, Jack.  Here is my contact info:

J. Peyton Knight
Director of Environmental and Regulatory Affairs
The National Center for Public Policy Research
(202) 543-4110

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Who are the groups that organized the "coalition letter on ESA" and who are you?  I receive and put out a lot of email so your email is a bit unconnected.


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Sent: Friday, September 16, 2005 1:44  PM
Subject: ESA Hill Briefing

You may have recently received an invitation to a briefing on  ESA reform
sponsored by the House Resources Committee for next Monday from  2-4 PM.
Unfortunately, the groups that organized the coalition  letter on ESA that
your organization recently signed haven’t been invited  to this meeting ­
despite their demonstrated interest in this important  issue.
If you are planning to attend the Resources Committee  meeting and would like
a briefing in advance of it, please give me a call  at 202-543-4110.
Peyton Knight