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Obama's EPA retreat
has Greens seeing red

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Dear Jack,

Last week dawn broke on marble head. 

Obama woke up and killed EPA's new ozone rule before it could start killing jobs. 

Businesses, job seekers, taxpayers and electric ratepayers all raised a cheer. For the radical Greens, who have grown used to having their every whim met, not so much. 

There's a full on hissy fit going on in left field.
  • MoveOn said, "This is a decision we'd expect from George W. Bush." 
  • Natural Resources Defense Council wrote, "Obama has come down on the side of the polluters and those extreme forces who deny the value of government safeguards."
  • Greenpeace wrote, "Corporate polluters don't have to worry about dismantling the Clean Air Act, it appears that President Obama is doing it for them." They announced Greenpeace will use its tremendous financial resources to launch a campaign to pressure Obama to reverse course.
  • The Sierra Club said that they were "appalled" by Obama's decision and with temerity declared it would "literally cost lives." They too are spending what it takes to put on the pressure.
That's just a sample of the tooth gnashing going on. Obama's EPA surrender was like a warning siren for every radical Green pressure group out there (and there are plenty). They are organizing right now to push their man back into line and keep him there.

CFACT is working just as hard and fast to debunk the coming propaganda wave with hard facts

Help us compete and win. Let's start with this cogent analysis by CFACT Senior Policy Analyst Bonner Cohen. Please forward it to as many people as you can. Ask them to keep it moving. Let's email, post to Facebook, tweet on Twitter and not neglect good old word of mouth. 

Hard work, solid facts and good sense can carry the day.  We are reminded again that sunlight is a powerful disinfectant.

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Feeling the heat: Obama drops
EPA ozone regulations

Bonner R. Cohen, PH.D
Senior CFACT Policy Analyst

IN A MOVE THAT STUNNED FRIEND AND FOE ALIKE, President Obama September 2 instructed his own political appointees at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to withdraw (for the time being) new regulations governing ground-level ozone, or smog. The move came amidst growing concerns over the state of the economy and whether tightening the screws on businesses and communities at this time wouldn’t lead to even more unemployment.

The Clean Air Act requires EPA to review what are called National Ambient Air Quality Standards every five years. In January 2008, the Bush administration tightened the national standard for ozone to 75 parts per billion (ppb), even though EPA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) had recommended an even tougher level, between 60 and 70 ppb. Environmental groups sued EPA, claiming the agency had no scientific basis for the Bush 75 ppb standard. In January 2010, Obama’s EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson accepted the environmentalists’ arguments and ordered the agency to review the matter. EPA was on the verge of reversing the Bush standard and imposing a far more stringent level when Obama abruptly pulled the plug.

EPA Administrator Jackson based her decision on the recommendations of the agency’s Science Advisory Board. But the SAB’s relied on dubious laboratory tests to come up with its findings. Ozone affects humans one way in nature and quite another way in the lab. Laboratory conditions cannot replicate nature. Ozone occurs naturally through such things as vegetation and lightning and it can even be transported to ground level from the stratosphere. Naturally occurring ozone levels vary greatly from region to region, making blanket assumptions about its effect on human health virtually impossible. Finally, in making its case for tighter standards, the SAB appears to have assumed that there is no safe threshold for human exposure. As EPA’s dubious science received wider attention, opposition to the whole scheme spread like wildfire.  READ FULL ARTICLE

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