EPA's mission statement: To protect human health and the environment. 
EPA's mission statement and its actions flatly contradict each other.
How?  It kills businesses, communities, animals and human lives. 
In Africa, EPA's ban on DDT has allowed genocide; a genocide that EPA's now moving into America through its bans on pesticides, herbicides, fungicide, fracking chemicals and more.
How can one claim to protect the human health of someone they've just killed?
Whose environment are they protecting? Not America's!
Here's what the EPA is doing to America: Shattering our Justice, creating domestic chaos, stripping away our common defense, promoting only the Welfare of their favorite children and endangering the Blessings of Liberty.
Isn't there anyone out there with courage enough to stop this insidious killing machine?  Roni  Bell Sylvester

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Water-quality standards unfairly burden rural communities
The plight of a small water and sewer association in rural Mora, N.M -- caught in a tangle of federal and state clean water rules it canít afford to meet -- echoes experienced by other rural communities around the West.
To learn more  documented facts about EPA's wrongful activities go to: www.LandAndWaterUSA.com