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From: Jack Venrick
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2006 1:59 PM
Subject: The Audubon Society - Taking Oil Revenue, Shutting Down Our Timber Resources & Our Private Property - VOTE YES I933

To: Private Property Owners, Freedom Foundations, WA House & Senate, Media & Friends:
This group tried to block the Property Fairness Initiative I-933 in Olympia this year.  These people are all for taking  our private property rights and giving them to the birds. 
If you understand the forces against the Property Fairness Initiative I-933 you can better understand the truth and vote YES for I-933.
1.  The Audubon Society has received $4.1 million in Federal grants and used our money to rape our constitution and the farmers and the land and home owners in America,  along with many other environmental extremist groups.  They work 24 x 7 stealing our freedoms and liberties. https://www.sovereignty.net/p/ngo/ngochart.shtml
2.  Three groups of the Audubon Society receive $16,000,000 in annual income and $28,000,000 in assets. https://www.sovereignty.net/p/ngo/wealthy.htm
3.  The excerpt below is very enlightening, taken from Dr. Crittenden book, "Two Studies of Public Policy in Washington State: Salmon at Risk and Elite Planners". His books may be ordered at link provided.  https://www.robertcrittenden.com/ 
3.14.3 The Audubon Society
"The National Audubon Society is a old organization formed in 1905.  Most people associate it with bird watchers and related conservation activities.  For many years it has lobbied for government regulations to protect birds. 
It was perceived as a respectable organizations: as solid as a Rockefeller.  There is a good reason for that.  Arnold and Gottlieb (1993) say of them:
"The National Audubon Society is not just funded by the oil industry - taking large amounts of money from Exxon USA. the Amoco Foundation, Allied-Signal Foundation, and other big oil foundations - it is the oil industry.  {His reference: Donations from Amoco, Allied - Signal, see Protecting the environment: Old Rhetoric, New Imperatives, Jo Kwong Echerd, Capital Research Center, Washington D.C. 1990 p. 157.  Donations from Exxon, see Patterns of Corporate Philanthropy, Marvin Olasky, Capitol Research Center, Washington D.C. 1987, p. 142.
The National Audubon Society owns oil production facilities from which they obtain revenue.
    Whatever they may have been, things changed dramatically in 1985 when Peter A.A. Berle became the society's president and chief executive officer.
At that point in time the society adopted a much more aggressive stance.  They initiated law suits interfering with a wide range of commercial and private activities.  For example, The National Audubon Society is one of the two major environmental organizations which created the spotted owl controversy which stopped much of the logging in the West.  The other organization is the Sierra Club's Legal Defense Fund.  Their objective, according to Newsweek (19910 is as they quote an environmentalist from Portland, Oregon, as saying, "Cumulatively, the environmental movement is interested in shutting down the timber industry".
Vote YES on I-933
Don't give away your property rights to the birds
Jack Venrick
Rural Land and Home Owner
Fed Up With Bird Brains Trading Our Sacred Freedoms For Green Wet Dreams
Enumclaw, WA
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