$825 Billion: Too Little, Too Late

January 28, 2009

$825 Billion:  Too Little, Too Late

The economy is the biggest issue facing Eastern Washington families, farmers and small businesses.  Americans are concerned about keeping their jobs, their homes and they want Congress to act.

The U.S. House did act today and spent $825 billion dollars on a stimulus bill.  Despite many good and positive aspects of the legislation, I was not able to support today’s bill.  It is once again too little, too late. 

  • Too little, because only five percent of the program builds roads and highways. 
  • Too late because most of the package will not take effect until 2010 or later.

Further, this bill still contains too many pork barrel earmarks and wasteful government spending.

Pouring more gas into a broken car isn’t going to get us anywhere, except to the poorhouse.  Despite earlier bailouts and rescues, home prices have plummeted and banks are asking for more money. 

I don’t support the idea of on-going government programs that just keep growing and growing, which today’s bill fuels.

Instead, we need to invest in infrastructure now – roads, highways, transit, energy generation, exploration and transmission – real innovation and construction that will create jobs.  We need to build something of lasting value and stop when we’re done.  We need to invest in American energy independence, help home buyers and help relieve the tax burden on all tax payers.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers



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