Every once in awhile something comes along that we can participate in.  This is one of those times, and your participation is important.


The USFWS is planning to make climate change its highest priority.  Their draft strategy and action plan are open for public comment until November 23, 2009.  The agency’s web page for the project is located at:




The literature cited list for this redirection is less than a page long, and reveals something less than full dedication to scientific method.


Large scale full landscape conservation features prominently.


There are additional fact sheet documents on the web page, as well as access to an online comment submission form.  I have not yet been able to find a postal address or fax number for comment submission.


Aside from the draft plan page, USFWS has additional information at:




The IPCC is prominent throughout.


Please take the time to open and read the plans, and then go back to the program page and comment on the plans.  There is a lot in these plans that will limit private property rights in both the near and long term.  You need to let the USFWS know what you think about this new direction and the things they are planning to do.


The plans include the implementation of huge wildlife corridor cores and buffers, cross-border cooperation for landscape conservation projects, and much, much more.


Let’s all do some reading and then provide your comments.