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Subject: Colorado Files Gold Money Bill !


February 1, 2009

Colorado Files Gold Money Bill

HB 09-1206,
The Colorado Honest Money Act

Colorado Joins Indiana Picking Up Where New Hampshire Left Off !

State Rep. Kent Lambert (R), District 14, El Paso County and State Sen. Kevin Lundberg (R), District 15,

Larimer County, have introduced the Colorado Honest Money Act, HB 09-1206 in the current session.

Colorado is the third state to introduce a Sound/Honest Money/Gold Bill based on the verbiage of

well known Constitutional Scholar and Lawyer, Dr. Edwin Vieira of Virginia. The Gold/Sound Money Bill is

compatible for any of the 50 states.

The Bill would allow Colorado to offer its citizens a choice of Gold (and Silver) coin or the Electronic

equivalent in payable and receivable transactions with the state. This bold bill will finally bring

Colorado back into conformance with the Constitution for the United States of America which states "No

state shall...make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts..."  Article 1,

Section 10.

You can download the Colorado Bill at:

The Colorado Honest Money Act will be voluntary for citizens, but mandatory for certain, specialized

businesses and will allow Colorado to fund the Treasury with enough assets insuring that no current state

funds will need to be earmarked. The Colorado Honest Money Act is NOT a replacement for Federal

Reserve Notes, but more of a competing, Constitutional currency and an insurance policy for our current,

tenuous "money" system.

You can visit the Colorado State Legislature website at:

For more information, contact:

Representative Kent Lambert
Senator Kevin Lundberg

To view Indiana's Bill visit the Indiana Honest Money website at

For more background information and/or how any state could adopt "Honest Money" you may contact

Harvey Wharfield at 978-635-9586 who has been involved with the concept of a Gold Money Bill

for the past five years and has worked with New Hampshire, Indiana, and other states, in raising the

conscientiousness of "sound money" around the country.

Special thanks to all who worked so hard to get the Colorado Honest Money Act to this exciting point.

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Contact: Harvey Wharfield

Post Oak Public Relations   978 - 635 - 9586, 11am to 11pm, EST

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