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Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2009 1:22 PM
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My contention is that Commissioner John Austin came here and went on the BOCC with a predetermined agenda. He stated to me before his election that people's homes would be "grandfathered", so not to worry. How does that protect the unbuilt properties?? Besides the Dems want to end grandfathering anyway !! To me that says that Austin moved up from BERKLEY (USA COMMUNIST ZONE), to work for rural land takings, plain and simple !!

People like him are no better than the gangster who invades your home. These guys are front men for the globalist elite who want to rule the Earth via the UN. You are being forced out of rural areas by their enviro hokus pokus, which can never be defended by good science. These guys are real, they want to exchange the debt they hold against the American people for the federal lands. They want you in the cities, they want you to be serfs, they want to kill you with biological, chemical or neutron bombs - and they will. It may be called WWIII, but they are setting that up.....(Google - Clinton, Los Alamos, nuclear, China - our top secrets stolen, just an example)

Right now the guys that Austin fronts for (and he may not understand this), are stealing $Trillions (have stolen) - just read the news. They are gangsters - GANGSTERS, and Obama is their latest puppet. If we do not have a revolution in this country we are fucked - they know this, and this is what the Patriot Act and the Dept of "Homeland Security" are actually about - taking us and keeping us - DOWN !!


ps: join the peaceful (so far) revolution: https://www.campaignforliberty.com/