"Aaron, can you come to [insert your state here] and help us fight against Real ID (on behalf of new 911 investigations, etc.)?"

If I have heard that once, I have heard it dozens of times, and as much as I live to help others in these state battles, one person cannot be every where at the same time ...

Or can I?

YES!  I'll be right there with you!

Now, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, you can hand-deliver familiar faces into the state capitols of America! 

Modern technology has made it possible, and we now have the ability, for me (and others) to be in all 50 states at once!  Only the NVCCA is using this technology to reach into the state activist arena for positive political movements!  You are on the cutting edge of a new way to spread truth!

Legislative activist videos are NOW AVAILABLE from our duplication team.  All of these are geared specifically to the audience of state legislators, and in our first batch you have YOUR CHOICE of brief presentations on:

1. Real ID.  This is a 30 minute video featuring Aaron Bolinger explaining the implications of Real ID from the standpoint of SSN & photography objections, religious liberty, and related issues.  It is directed to state legislators to enable them to understand the biblically-discriminatory nature of this federalized ID situation, and to encourage them to support legislation rejecting Real ID. ("Misc. Document" folder on web site, "Real Tyranny" parts one and two are the PDF documents to accompany this video covering the full range of objections from the ACLU, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and many other anti-Real ID activist groups.)

2. (END THE FED) Economic Federalism 101.  This is a 90 minute video of Dr. Edwin Vieira speaking about the Constitutional authority of the states to pass legislation rejecting paper money in favor of gold and silver, in addition to giving a crash course of "Economics 101" to state lawmakers.  In our current crisis, teaching these officials what is REALLY going on, and the proper way of fixing it, are crucial! States simply begin collecting taxes in silver/gold, and making payments to their pension and other treasury funds, to employees, etc. the same way.  Hard money begins flowing TOWARD the states, protecting them from collapse with REAL money. ("Economic Federalism" document in the "Legislative Document" folder on web site, accompanies this video, and contains 4 model legislative items along with issue briefs from Dr. Vieira, Larry Becraft, and the NVCCA on "federalism" where economic matters are involved.)

3.  911 State Investigations.  This is a 30 minute video of Aaron Bolinger explaining the principle vs. agent relationship between the states and the federal government, and the subsequent authority of the state legislatures to conduct independent investigations into the acts of their agents on the day of and subsequent to 9-11-01.  It discusses the moral & biblical mandate on our state leaders to do what the federal government has refused to do - conduct unbiased and thorough inquiries to determine guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. Priority states for this video are New York, Pennsylvania & Virginia, but all states could be involved at various levels.  ("Legislative Document" folder on web site, "911 Investigations" PDF document accompanies this video, & contains model legislation.)

So now you really CAN have both Dr. Vieira and/or me in your state by proxy - on video and in writings - speaking directly to every legislator!  And it is MUCH cheaper and MUCH easier than transporting these ole' bones around, finding a place to camp for a month, all the other logistics yada yada.

More videos and written support materials are coming soon, but these are ready NOW, and need to be made available IMMEDIATELY!  (States are convening, or already in short sessions.)
Get them ordered and heading your direction from
We are going to add live streaming videos & downloads of these files to our web sites shortly, so there will be several ways to obtain and circulate the info--i.e. sit in a legislator's office, direct him to the web site and watch it WITH HIM! Or download the file and burn your own DVD's to distribute ... All this and more is coming shortly - all that needs completed will be the uploads & linking within the next few days.  Watch the web sites for the files and info.

In Freedom,

Aaron Bolinger
RTR Legislative Director & Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator
Contact me at:

PS. Join our National/Regional Conference Call Every Tue. eve., 7:30 pm Eastern time 724-444-7444 (14259#) For more info and to sign up for call alerts click here

"It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error."  United States Supreme Court - American Communications Association v. Douds


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