Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 6:22 PM
Subject: [proprights] Legislative goodies of the day . . . Friday, January 16

House Bill 1232 (concerning the definition of commercial agricultural purposes)

Introduced by Rep. Bill Hinkle, (R-Cle Elum) (R) on January 15, 2009, defines "commercial agricultural purposes" to include current farming practices and activities related to the raising, harvesting, feeding, breeding, managing, selling, care, or training of a farm product. Provides that the act applies retroactively to taxes levied for collection in 2008 as well as prospectively.

Senate Bill 5162 (Providing loans to small cities for appeals under the growth management act)

Introduced by Sen. Steve Hobbs, (D-Lake Stevens) (D) on January 15, 2009, creates the growth management appeals legal assistance account and requires the director of the department of community, trade, and economic development to develop, by rule, a program for the loan of city costs associated with the appeal of a critical areas ordinance .

Senate Bill 5165 (Implementing a regional transfer of development rights program)

Introduced by Sen. Fred Jarrett, (D-Mercer Island) (D) on January 15, 2009, requires the department of community, trade, and economic development to establish a regional transfer of development rights program for central Puget Sound counties, cities and towns that is voluntary, incentive-based, and separate, but compatible with existing local transfer of development rights program. (See also Companion HB 1172).

Senate Bill 5169 (Regarding specialized forest products and permitting)

Introduced by Sen. Jim Hargrove, (D-Hoquiam) (D) on January 15, 2009, to enact the recommendations by the work group created in 2007 to further regulate permitting process of activities involving specialized forest products. Concerns property rights of landowners of specialized forest resources. Involves activities such as the sale, harvesting and transporting of specialized forest products made with cedar, cascara bark, and other northwest evergreen foliage.  Affects the production of wood fence materials, shake roofing materials, as well as transactions involving the sale and transport of huckleberry and Christmas tree products among others. (See also Companion  HB 1038).

Senate Bill 5179 (Revaluation of property impacted by government restrictions)

Introduced by Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen, (D-Camano Island) (D) on January 15, 2009, provides that revaluations must consider reductions ordered by any court or appellate body based on government restrictions to ensure consistent treatment of government restrictions on property throughout the state, and to relieve burdens  on property owners .

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