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Prentice is a member of various civic and political organizations including:[18]


Prentice attended Phoenix CollegeYoungstown State University, St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing in Phoenix and the University of Washington. A nurse for more than 20 years, she worked in various capacities, including hospital administrator and various assignments as a registered nurse. She also served as a member of the Renton school board.

She has three children and five grandchildren.

The takings (partial and total) of rural land are to a degree political/racial. The victims mostly white, conservative and

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2009 Senate Bill 5254 (Granting authority to a watershed management partnership to exercise powers )

"Introduced by Sen. Margarita Prentice, (D-Renton) (D) on January 19, 2009, authorizes a watershed management partnership to exercise powers of its forming governments, including the power of eminent domain. (See also Companion HB 1332)."