Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 5:54 PM
Subject: [proprights] FW: Support Clean Water and Shorelines Protections in Jefferson County

OK folks . . . People for Puget Sound are trying to pack out the Planning Commission hearing next Wednesday.  We need to put forward a strong effort to make sure that Jefferson Countyís shoreline property owners are out in force.

The link in their message takes you to a ďblast email/faxĒ page where their members can send a boiler-plated or personally edited message to the planning commission.  While their message is tilted toward Jefferson County, you can bet that there will be a lot of Astroturf messages to the county from their members all around the Sound and beyond.

Read further and you will see that they are anticipating our presence, and making assumptions as to our message.

Letís get everyone we can who actually lives here, especially those with shoreline property, to be there on Wednesday.  We also are going to need as much written comment submitted to the county as possible.  If you are a shoreline owner, bring your neighbors. If you know a shoreline owner, make sure you let them know whatís going on.

Please participate in the process of making these policies.  Donít stop with just speaking up at the hearing . . . your written comment is even more important.  If the parking lot is full when you arrive, find another place to park nearby and come on in anyway!

Never underestimate the importance of your voice!  We need you now!

From: Rein Attemann []
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 3:56 PM
Subject: Support Clean Water and Shorelines Protections in Jefferson County

Dear Norman,

Puget Sound needs help. Our shellfish arenít safe to eat, our Orcas are toxic, our salmon are endangered, and some beaches are closed to swimming.  How we live and develop our shorelines is one of the most important ways to protect Puget Sound today, and for future generations. Action from residents in Jefferson County is needed.

PLEASE send an email to the County Planning Commission TODAY!

 (see details below)

Currently, Jefferson County is working to update its shoreline master program, which guides development along the county's rivers, major streams and lakes, and Puget Sound marine shorelines. The update contains policies and rules for future shoreline development and redevelopment, including:

* protecting water quality and shoreline habitat
* ensuring that new docks, piers, boat launches, and shoreline armoring are salmon friendly
* encouraging restoration of degraded shorelines
* making sure water-dependent or water-oriented uses, and single family development is coordinated and compatible with protection of Puget Sound water quality and habitat
* Preserving and enhancing public access by making sure that land uses that generate new demand for public access provide it


Please speak out for clean water and better protections for Jefferson County shorelines and wildlife! We need at least 50 people to speak out in favor of healthy shorelines and clean water by adoption of this SMP update. Many opponents are expected to testify that the update will shut down development in Jefferson County, but in fact the proposed update is fair and reasonable in allowing future growth to occur and for property owners to use and enjoy their property, while protecting Puget Sound.    

WHEN: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 6:30 PM
WHAT: Jefferson County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to take comment on the proposed update
WHERE: WSU Community Learning Center, Shold Business Park, 201 W Patison, Port Hadlock.


Send an email to the Planning Commission by Friday, January 30.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cheers, and thank you for your attention on this matter.

Rein  Attemann

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