We need independent Grand & Trail Juries to stand up and prosecute those who are inititing this unconstitutional fraud against our private property and our lives.  These are clear examples of the criminals in govenment who should all be in prison for the colleteral downstream distruction they are cascading upon Americans who are not able to keep their families and jobs and property together.
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, Washington

Examples of the issues that will be updated on my email :

HB 1179 - Water rights - Those on wells may have to purchase a permit (hidden tax) to water their own lawns

HB 1490 - more control over "greenhouse gas" emissions growth management, building houses, transporation, and more

HB 1162 - Establish "socio-emotional" learning as part of the core objectives of public school education

HB 1410 - Establish funding for basic education AND redefining basic education to be "an evolving program of instruction ...to become respectful and responsible global citizens

SB 5064 - To create a corrider including the city of Spokane for reinstating wildlife (bears, cougars, etc).  This also provides partnerships with environmentalists to further control land and water resources.

HB 1572 - To create a statewide mandatory all mail voting system

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