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From the April 2001 Idaho Observer:

Is our Constitutional House on Fire?

The imprisonment of Oroville, Wash., pro-American microbroadcaster Mark Alan has sold a lot of newspapers in the remote and sparsely populated high country near the Canadian border. A majority of people in the distribution range of The Okanogan Valley Gazette Tribune are angry that the federal government would keep one of their own in jail on bogus assault charges. The tragedy softened the editorial heart of the Tribune into accepting a few articles intended to open a few eyes to some historic truths that explain what is happening to our country. Following is one such article. Thanks, Bob. You have managed to explain a complex concept in terms we can all understand well enough to finally see how we have been had.

by Bob Nicholson

The "Act to Provide a Government for the District of Columbia," Section 34 of the Forty-First Congress of the United States, Session III, Chapter 61 and 62, enacted February 21, 1871, states that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation, whose jurisdiction is applicable only in the ten-mile-square parcel of land known as the District of Columbia and to whatever properties are legally titled to the UNITED STATES, by its registration in the corporate County, State, and Federal governments that are under military power of the UNITED STATES and its creditors. Under this provision, the military Congress of the UNITED STATES has the power to pass private international law for application within the federal District of Columbia.

The Act provides that the UNITED STATES, the corporation, has jurisdiction only within the confines of the ten-mile-square parcel of land, known as the District of Columbia, and its legal property; and that the corporation Congress has power to pass Private International Law, applicable only in the District of Columbia.

The Act specifically defines the jurisdiction and the venue of the corporation.

UNITED STATES CODE, Title 28, 3002(15)(A), basically reiterates that the UNITED STATES is a corporation.

What was not said in 1871, but was implicit, was what is plainly stated at Title 28, 3002(15)(3): That all departments of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION are part of the corporation.

Title 28, UNITED STATES CODE, is Copyrighted Private International Law. Indeed, the UNITED STATES CODE, in its entirety, is Copyrighted Private International Law, and applicable only in the District of Columbia.

The previous information was taken almost verbatim from the beginning of a letter sent to King County Sheriff David Reichert of Seattle from Gary W. Phillips. Phillips, 69, whose career with the Immigration and Naturalization Service began in 1956 and resulted in his being the federal agency's director at Sea Tac Airport for 20 years, began challenging the income tax in 1985 (The Idaho Observer, March, 2000). After nearly 40 years of government service, Phillips was forced to flee his country to protect his life after exposing the facts of the illegality of the federal government's criminal income tax collection scam -- facts that are becoming well know among informed people throughout the country.

Why did the Congress feel the need to separate the District of Columbia with a special Act of Congress? What kind of a government did it create? The Congress created a corporation. Where did the Congress find the authority in the Constitution to reconstitute any part of the united States as a corporation? Quite simply, the 1791 Constitution was set aside to make room for the corporation. Would this Act benefit the Republic? In truth, it would be of no benefit. The corporate bottom line is profit. The municipal bottom line is service. To replace our service-oriented form of government with a profit-oriented form of government without our knowledge or consent can only be described as treason.

The process began in the mid 1860s after the Civil War -- a war that depleted the country financially. Once the smoke settled European international bankers arrived in town. The international bankers and the Congress conjured up this bit of mischief and passed it into law.

But whose law? This Congress broke faith with the People in 1871 and sold us out when they formed this corporation and made it the government of the District of Columbia.

A few superficial changes were made to the original Constitution and it was no longer the real thing. Congress did not change the name of the document, so they could claim to be reading from the Constitution. They merely changed it from the Constitution for the united States of America to the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. They changed the "for" to "of' and capitalized all the letters. All of the sudden we had two Constitutions.

The Act of 1871 provided a government for the District of Columbia and created a corporation entitled the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA whose jurisdiction extends only over corporate entities created by the municipal corporation and operative only in the District of Columbia. Washington, District of Columbia is the capitol of the District of Columbia, not the United States of America, and all laws passed within the District of Columbia are applicable and enforceable only in the District of Columbia and it's possessions.

The States of the Republic are not possessions of the District of Columbia. Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam are possessions of the District of Columbia as well as property legally titled to the UNITED STATES by states and counties.

The UNITED STATES CODE, in totality, was put together in the District of Columbia as Copyrighted Private International Law and is applicable only in the District of Columbia. By their own rules of jurisdiction, the UNITED STATES ATTORNEYS have no business prosecuting anyone outside of the District of Columbia. The UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT has no venue outside of the District of Columbia and, therefore, has no jurisdiction outside of the District of Columbia and its possessions. The Congress cannot pass a law that is applicable in the several States of the Republic.

If all the laws passed in the District of Columbia are Private International Law, this includes all of the UNITED STATES CODE and the statutes at large passed after 1871, and are applicable and enforceable only in the District of Columbia, then why have they become the law of the land?

Essentially, this unholy alliance, from its treacherous inception in a international banker-influenced post-Civil War era, built an illegal corporation that has systematically corrupted every state, county and city in this nation and corrupted the thinking of most people of the united States of America.

This illegal corporation has created dozens of agencies, the IRS, FBI, DEA, and the BATF, to name a few, which employ thousands of agents who receive excellent salaries and benefits for betraying their friends and families while enforcing the malefic edicts of the so-called Congress.

The men and women of Congress smile, speak softly, and then release their ill-begotten creatures to destroy those who do not fully conform to their wishes, and strike fear into hearts of those who do.

Kidnapping and conspiracy are involved in every arrest and conviction by federal authorities outside of the District of Columbia.

The question now leads to whether our duly elected public officials swear an oath to uphold the Constitution for the united States of America, the Republic within which our rights are protected by a service-oriented government, or swear an oath to the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the profit-oriented corporation?

It appears by their actions that most government employees, knowingly or unknowingly, have sworn an oath to the corporate UNITED STATES.

It is our duty as the People who elected them into office, to demand accountability from our "public" officials and confront them as to where their loyalties lie. Is it with the corrupt, treasonous corporation that is controlled by foreign enemies from within and without, or is it with our constitutional Republic, the united States of America and her citizens?

Most of us will I ask, can this be true? Ask yourself: How can this government enact such scams as the unconstitutional and privately-owned Federal Reserve System -- a for-profit corporation, or the unconstitutional income tax system, where there is clearly no proof a law exists which states the average person is required to file a tax return (there have been full page ads in USA Today newspaper paid for and written by former IRS agents detailing this truth)?

How can they send our boys off to fight foreign wars without a declaration of war? How can they administer false prosecutions against people, like Gary Phillips, whose attempt to expose the truth forced him to flee the country he honorably served his entire life?

Now we have Mark Alan of Oroville, Wash., being arrested o n Feb. 8, 200l, for allegedly assaulting a federal officer (The Idaho Observer, March, 2001). The charges are false and witnesses were at the scene to testify as such. Mark Alan has been kidnapped, arrested and imprisoned in Spokane County Jail without bail, and is presently challenging the court's jurisdictional authority based on the previously reported facts. In response to Mark's arguments Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Hopkins who is representing the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, said that Mr. Alan's arguments may have been novel in 1800, but in 2001 he has insulated himself from the reality of 200 years of legal history that rejected his arguments-inferring the Constitution is outdated.

He stated a UNITED STATES case that confirmed this in 1997. Mr. Alan responded, asking Mr. Hopkins as to which United States he was referring. Further, Mark very pointedly demanded to see Federal Magistrate Judge Cynthia Imbrogno's oath of office -- which she has never provided -- and went into immediate recess when asked for it in open court.

If the inference is that the Constitution is outdated, then please tell us which part is outdated, Mr. Hopkins. Is it the part that is supposed to prevent excessive bail (8th Amendment)? Is it the part that is supposed to allow us freedom of speech, the press, or religion (1st Amendment)? Is it the part that is supposed to allow us to be secure in our homes (the 4th Amendment)? Or perhaps it's the part that, according to Thomas Jefferson and current Attorney General John Ashcroft, allows us the right to bear arms as a last defense against tyranny in government (the 2nd Amendment)?

By 2001, anyone who challenges the authority of the UNITED STATES with facts of law and history is either forced to flee for fear of their life, demonized in the courts to the point nobody will believe them, are intimidated with threats, falsely imprisoned or just simply murdered.

The media continues this perfidy with outright lies and very artfully contrived distortions of the facts.

If our Founding Fathers were alive today and you were to meet one of them, ask yourself: "What might he think of me? Am I striving to preserve the heritage he gave his life and sacred honor to provide me?

Mark Alan and Gary Phillips have sacrificed everything to protect our heritage. They could stand up with our Founding Fathers...Could YOU?

George Washington once said, "Government is like fire. We bring it into our rooms to keep us warm, but we build a chimney to keep the fire from consuming us. The Constitution is the chimney that keeps government from consuming us."

Has that chimney collapsed? Is it simply in need of restoration? Or is the house already on fire?

The manner in which Phillips, Mark Alan and others have been treated is an indication that our constitutional house is, in fact, on fire.

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