Here it is, the big announcement, Issue #5 is back by popular demand and with a NEW cover! The first printing of this issue sold out 30,000 copies in under 5 weeks. Readers have been asking for months for a reprint and now it's finally here in time to confront the beast!  If you missed it then this is your chance to get it.  Magazines rarely re-print an issue so please take advantage of this opportunity and get your copies before it is sold out again. 

Issue #5 Reprint includes: Slaying the Beast - Tommy Cryer's win against the IRS, Tax Honesty Movement - a history by Michael Lemieux, Exposing IRS Tactical and Psychological Warfare on Americans- Peymon Mottahedeh, Flex Your Rights, Activist Profile: We the People Foundation, The IRS and the Federal Reserve.. Fraternal Twins - G. Edward Griffin, Joe Banister - His Legal Defense, 60 Sec Activism: Republic Magazine, Constitutional Discipline - 16th Amendment by Michael Badnarik, Tyranny in America - Jeff Dickstein, Why an Income Tax is Not Necessary to Fund... - Devvy Kidd, Militia and the Economy - Mark Keornke, No Law! - Marcy Brooks, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and more...

As you know, this publication supports our efforts so we can bring you the latest info, the hottest tools, and state of the art networking technology to keep you connected with like-minded patriots locally and across the country, so you will never again be alone to fight the fight.

Grab a stack, and let America know about the Income Tax Scam!

Forever in Freedom,

Gary Franchi
RTR National Director

P.S. April 15th is coming up soon, please help us achieve our mission by educating the American people on the tax issue.  We will be organizing nationally at every post office like we did last year on Tax Day, but remember getting the word out before that day is just as important.


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