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Subject: Fw: The "real" local/state/federal budget(s)

I have been aware of Walter Burien shortly after he came on the seen, I viewed some of the files in Washington State then sometime later the site was blocked, here he is back but the site is rather difficult to navigate so I'm sending this out to folks I know like to explore and ask them to help.
Big Al in SC
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Subject: The "real" local/state/federal budget(s)

This Rollye James interview with Walter Burien (a former commodity trading
advisor) contains eye-opening information as to the actual financial
situation of government (at all levels) in the U.S. -- you will be shocked:

(MP3 file takes about 5 min to download)
"The government is sitting on billions of dollars they don't tell you about.
Hear about the real budget -- the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report --
the feds, states, cities, towns, school boards and more are awash in cash
they keep from you."

Mentioned; gov foreign investments (Mexico, China, Soviet Bloc India...);
derivatives; Gorbachev, Soviets; corporations, composite government
investment funds, pools of investment revenue; management groups; Microsoft;
Windows Vista; internet monitoring; government owing means of production
(through investments); control of media, education; Republican party; Ron
Paul; WTC; Patriot Act; government diversified outside the dollar; NAFTA;
GATT; Oregon, Washington, Arizona Pension Fund Management; 9/11; put
options; insurance actuary; judges, attorneys, congressmen; government
pensions; TRF funds; NAU; Amero; . . .


P.S. Also see:

The Biggest Game in Town by Walter J. Burien
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