To: The Entire Washington State Legislature, but more specifically, to the 14 sponsors of House Bill 1490 (all Democrats), and even more specifically, Representative Geoff Simpson, sponsor of many such radical environmental Bills ..... 
..... as well as interested parties in Washington State and elsewhere.
From: Ron Ewart, President, National Association of Rural Landowners
NOTE:    Although this message is directed at the Washington State legislature, it is also meant for Washington state voters and landowners.  If you don't live in Washington State, please ignore the message at your option.  However, what the government is doing in Washington State is also happening in your state for the same reasons; environmental protection policies and controlling human behavior (where you live, where you work and what you drive) that was hatched in the United Nations Agenda 21 in Rio de Janeiro, in the flawed social and environmental objectives of Smart Growth and Sustainable Development, passed into U. S. law without a treaty being ratified.
If you are a Washington State voter or landowner, we encourage you to flood the legislature with your opposition to HB 1490.  We have provided the reasons for opposing the Bill, below.

Ever since the Washington State Voters overwhelmingly (over 70%) turned down radical environmental Initiative 547 in November of 1990 containing the following language: "Shall the state environmental protection goals be implemented by measures including local comprehensive land use planning and development fees?", Democrats in the state house and senate have been trying to railroad radical environmental protection goals down voters and landowners throats ever since. 
Here is what was said about Initiative 547's defeat:  "Initiative 547, backed by environmental groups, would have required state-wide growth planning, but the 53-page measure and its complex language was too much for the voters.  It was the most lopsided defeat of an initiative since 1916."
The voters were absolutely clear, "..... we reject state land use planning."
But that didn't stop the radical environmentalists and the Democrats, who never saw an environmental law they didn't like.  With their constant legislative majority, in one year after the resounding defeat of Initiative 547, the legislature gave us (passed) Washington State's Growth Management Act - GMA.  The language of the GMA was much more complex than Initiative 547 ever thought of being.  In fact, the GMA was Initiative 547 on steroids.  A very small minority, the organized and wealthy radical environmentalists in our midst, shouted for joy.  They had won, in spite of what the voters wanted.
The GMA contained a few worthwhile goals, 13 in all, but none of the cities and counties paid much attention to all but one of those goals, environmental protection.   It was the foot in the door for the radical environmentalists to force their agenda, through an extensive range of subsequent environmental laws under the GMA, the Critical Areas Ordinance, being just one of them.  
Then, to add insult to injury, the Washington State supreme court told the voters of Washington state that they could not challenge any law that was passed in compliance with the state's growth management act, even though the state constitution gave the citizens of Washington State the absolute, without limitation, right of referendum against any law, passed by state, county or city.  Instead, the State Supreme court set limits on and rendered the constitutional right of referendum, essentially toothless.
HB 1490:  But the Liberals in Washington State are, once more, at it again.  In House Bill 1490, they want to add one more objective to the 13 existing goals in the GMA.  They want to add greenhouse gas reductions into the law, another radical environmental goal, even though there is clear scientific evidence that absolutely refutes man-caused, greenhouse (CO2) global warming.  There is not room here to provide the science but it is available on hundreds, if not thousands, of websites.
If the liberals are successful in passing HB 1490, you can add another layer of bureaucracy to an otherwise almost impossible task to provide housing for a growing population, at a cost that most can afford, and for commercial and industrial projects that will be brought to a screeching halt.
HB1490 is also "pushing", with a vengeance, mass transit and transit oriented development.  The radical environmentalist's and Democrat's goal is to pack you like sardines in cramped apartments so that government can make mass transit affordable and so we won't expand development into their precious environment through suburban sprawl.  God forbid!
But here is the absolute contradiction of what their flawed agenda is.  If you concentrate people into high-dense development, you increase their carbon foot print and greenhouse gases, not decrease them, even if they do ride mass transit that requires huge taxpayer subsidies to operate.  So their desire to shove the people into large, high-dense cities, is the antithesis of what their goals are.
Here is our message to the sponsors of HB 1490 and those who are supporting it:   First, we firmly believe the GMA is not only egregiously flawed, but unconstitutional on its face and should be repealed.  Those that sponsored, or voted for the GMA, are not only guilty of spitting in the face of the voters they supposedly represent, but they are also guilty of violating their solemn oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Washington.  For that they should be thrown out of office.
Should the sponsors and supporters of HB 1490 pass this legislation and add it to the GMA, they are equally guilty of violating their solemn oath and should also be thrown out of office.  We will go so far as to call these politicians traitors to freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the promise of our Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution.
If you are a Washington State voter or landowner and you don't consider yourself a sardine, we encourage you to flood the legislature with your opposition to HB 1490.  To read HB 1490, go to:
Then click on "original bill" under BILL DOCUMENTS.
For those that are interested, here is a video that demonstrates exactly where we are in America today.  We are virtual slaves of the government, at all levels.  We don't know who this gentleman is, but he his laid out our situation so succinctly.
Could it be that the inmates are now in charge of the asylum?
Several years ago we wrote an article entitled "THE COSTLY MYTH OF THE WASHINGTON STATE GROWTH MANAGEMENT ACT" that was published in several local and national venues.   The article is attached as a WORD document.
Ron Ewart, President


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