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> Walter:
> Do all of the gov't funds move at the same time as a single unit?
> Who exactly decides how to invest these funds? Do all city, state and national gov't fund managers have
> the same broker?  If they don't have the same broker, how can they all move the same way all the time?
> One would think that each city, state etc has its own broker and that each would invest independently from each other.
> Lloyd Kinder
> Golden Eagle, IL



It is the "Biggest Kid" on the block syndrome in a down-line advisory chain tied together by associations and in common consultation /advisory services, or: The of no equal, loosely tied biggest monopoly on the earth.

Think of the large government market maker accounts being a school of sharks (Big and little sharks) schooling together with the same objective: "Grouping as many minnows and game fish into one circle so that the feast can commence" at one end of the pond (up) or the other (down). Sometimes that feast may include inadvertently some smaller sharks being bit in the onslaught of the feeding frenzies. But, being sharks the small fledgling sharks will stay with the pack due to the overall advantages gained.

Keep in mind this is nothing new. For millenniums government bodies have controlled and monopolized trade to "their" advantage. What changes back and forth over time is the diet and intensity of feeding seen from the sharks.  A rule of thumb here is: The bigger the sharks and quantity of the sharks, the more they eat diminishing all of the rest of the food in the food chain.

Over and over again throughout history, the shark packs based on their own gluttony, when they get to a point of depleting the food chain, where their own substance intake results in diminishing the pack in numbers (a very dangerous time for society). Big sharks now start to feed on little sharks being that they ate to many of the minnows and other game fish. This will continue until balance is restored and then the minnows and game fish increase in numbers and then the cycle repeats itself again. In human terms, the cycle repeats every couple of centuries, and the smaller waves about every forty to sixty years.

The only class of game fish as a species that is somewhat immune to being eaten by the sharks in most part throughout these cycles are the ones that are colorfully marked to be poisonous to the shark or as the sucker fish will do, ride the back of the shark to feed on the scraps as the sharks feed. 

I will note to you that the TRFA - as an end result creates a stable and sustainable feeding grounds for feeding all of the fish of the sea equally voiding out by application the cycle above.

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