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I am the Ecology moderator of the Water Smart Washington Online Forum.  On August 31, 2010 you submitted a comment to be posted to the Question of the Week, Should the Watershed Planning Act be amended to give watershed groups and their sponsoring lead agencies an additional four years of financial support to continue the implementation of locally adopted watershed plans?


Ecology is using a 3rd party application called WordPress as the online software to provide access to this forum.  Many of the features are driven by WordPress.  One of the features is online security for submitted comments.  Your comment got caught up in the Spam filter.  I am not sure why WordPress thought your comment was Spam, it may be the large size of the comment, or it may be the many embedded links.  I have not had that problem with any of the other comments received so far.


I was able to retrieve your comment from the WordPress Spam folder.  I made an Adobe PDF of it.


I would like your permission to resubmit the first paragraph of your comment today with a link to the entire comment as an Adobe PDF.  Your comment that I would use for everyone to see is in the e-mail attachment.  I think this will pass the WordPress Spam filter and give folks access to your entire comment. 


The forum entry would look like this (just like all the other comments listed here):



Jack Venrick says:

September 1, 2010 at (time when submitted)


The reply from Pete Sturtevant above dated August 30, 2010, looks like a family member of Ted Sturtevant who is the Directory of State of Washington DOE. Read all about the hard truth regarding this green extreme agency below.


Use this link to read the entire comment (would be linked to the attached pdf)





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Please let me know what you would like me to do.


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